iza moczarna-pasiek

A powerful flow of female energy runs from one successive generation to the next in my family; My great-grandmother had three sisters, my grandmother had four, my mother had three sisters and she gave birth to three daughters. In the current generation of women in my family, there is my daughter and her female cousins, my sister's daughters.

I have been in touch with and have explored femininity: with it's ideas, symbols and attributes, manifestations and concealment, as far back as I can remember. I explore the concept of femininity in my everyday life, in my work, in my interactions with other people and in how I raise my daughter. I came into this world with a powerful sense of my feminine identity, as did numerous generations of women in my family. This trait has a profound effect on how I perceive and interact with the world and reality I live in.

I do not agree with many aspects of the reality that our society has produced and I aim to contribute to changing this through my work. Closest to my heart are the symbols of femininity that we are fed by the mass media everyday. Any images that don't agree with the mass media models of femininity are depreciated and treated as handicapped. Women accept and conform to standards which are created for them, standards that are artificial and greatly disconnected from reality. I disapprove of the way that the every day normality of human existence, for example, sickness, old age, and obesity, is treated as being abnormal or even shameful. Life on Earth manifests itself in an infinite multiplicity of variety. I believe that fear of anything that doesn't conform to these artificial standards, that are imposed upon us by mass media, cause anxiety and aggression. I consider femininity in every form to be beautiful and interesting in it's own right. In my work, I therefore try to break these stereotypes which are sadly deeply rooted in our society.

Photography is a tool that I not only use to create my projects with, but to frame the world, hopefully to represent reality more accurately.