the cut

The idea for "The Cut" originated from working on BCS' Calendar. The condition of many women suffering from cancer, often becomes worse due to the many side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

The main side effect of losing one's hair is often more painful to them, than loss of a breast. There are women who abstain from medical treatment for fear of losing their hair. Hair, especially long, luscious blond hair, seems to be an indispensable attribute of femininity. Under the influence of advertisements, women spend hundreds of thousands on beautifying agents to improve the state of their hair. At the moment of hair loss after chemotherapy, women feel deformed, unattractive and worthless as women. It is a paradox that many women look more interesting, attractive and still very feminine after hair loss, compared to women with a poorly chosen hair-do. "The Cut" shows that hair loss does NOT equate to losing one's femininity. It shows that women without hair can also look beautiful and female, that a head is not marred due to a lack of hair and often it gives a woman more charm than a scarf or a wig.

Sylwia is a young girl who was the last person to join the project. We made several appointments for the photo session, but each time we couldn't meet because of the state of her health and the progress of illness. I very much cared about her participation in "The Cut", so I asked for a photo she had taken herself.

"The Cut" project I dedicate to my dear friend Jola, who passed away in summer 2008.

The project came into being in co-operation with Warsaw Society of Psycho-Oncology - Ogród Nadziei.
The graphic design of the catalogue was prepared by Kamila Żurawska-Chwiszczuk.