maiden with child

"Maiden with Child" project is a kind of a dialogue:

A single mother or "Maiden with child", one of thousands in Poland, wrote a letter to the editorial staff of a women's magazine. She described her experience of motherhood as being one of shame and one of being censured. She endured whispers behind her back, looks full of moral superiority and moral condemnation. She hid her eyes behind dark glasses from the quiet provincial consensus to hide, to hush up or even to terminate a maiden's pregnancy, a maiden's maternity.

I have read that letter and I could not believe it. Is it possible that such social hypocrisy exists in Poland, in the middle of Europe, in 21st century? What is the reason for the state of matter: when does society exclude a woman and when does she manifest her own censure, often completely unwittingly? Who are the "statistics", what is a single mother in Poland today? She is a woman who for different reasons, has not married the father of her child. She is neither a divorcee nor a widow, she is the Polish Madonna. Until recently due to the mentality shaped by catholic patriarchy, society would exclude the single mother from the circle of "decent people". How does she feel now? What does her maternity look like? Can she rely on help from the Polish government that announces "pro family politics"? Or is she still hiding behind dark sun-glasses?

I have asked twelve single mothers to stand in front of my camera. They have invited me to their homes and told me their stories.

Here THEY are:

Here I leave space for private thoughts.

I dedicate the project to N. - the author of the letter "Maiden with child".
I thank my model Ania and my friend Kaa for their indispensable help in making the project a reality.
Graphic design of a poster was prepared by Ania Szott.